• Adrian Villarreal

How good of a chef do you think you are?

Do you always feel like you can do as good or better than everybody else in the kitchen scene that you have the privilege of knowing? And that in spite of this it still feels like the more you do, the more you are moving away from the people you admire in the kitchen world?

Pretty sure you're not alone. Pretty sure you probably knew or know some big shot famous chef that you have mixed feelings about. It happens in the kitchen, and somehow it's a subject that's not so commonly talked about (that I know of).

Every time you read about a new place opening, that has the name of an idea you already thought that was going to be great, or every time you read about some "known" colleague that is doing exceptionally good and you honestly feel good about it, but still wonder about what's missing in your career.

All of this happens a lot, and I don't think there's really a formula for getting "there". Sometimes I think life is trying to say something to you, and that your survival instinct is somehow protecting you from going into a destructive path.

Think about it, consider all your blessings and enjoy the things you think you've been privileged with in this life.

Ask yourself why do you keep cooking in the first place? I think that is very important. And also, what are the values in your kitchen? What do you believe in?

Re-evaluate this.

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