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Of Chefs & Cooks

Not all good cooks become chefs, and not all chefs are good cooks.

So far, that's something that I've learned over the years from interacting with both chefs and cooks in an almost daily basis.

I think it's funny because if you look at it from the outside, generally one assumes that a cook aspires to become a chef (and traditionally that is the case), but sometimes it's not what really goes on, especially in this days where the condition of being a cook is associated with a person that actually does some cooking in a kitchen, to contrast with the opposite idea of a chef that is constantly running media campaigns and other PR activities in order to keep the restaurant a float, and that during this process becomes separated from being physically present in the kitchen cooking with the crew.

What's happening nowadays? Who's on the right side? Why is this even a thing to talk about?

This are some questions that come to mind when you read other cooks and chefs blogs, publications and other posts on social media (or if you just simply work inside a kitchen).

Well, to be honest I think that there are some cases where a super chef is actually a super cook, and also other cases where the chef is a terrible cook but a terrific organizer that simply trusts good cooks to do that part. Some other cases can be where the cook only aspires to become excellent at his craft and leaves the paperwork and management to people who choose to focus on those particular tasks.

Where do you feel comfortable, as a chef or as a cook? Do you constantly correct people from calling you one or the other? Do you make it clear to them which one you prefer to be called?

I hope this post takes some pressure of your shoulders, because there are really a lot of paths to choose from. So I invite you to identify the one you are on, and to re-evaluate if this is the one you choose from the beginning of your journey.

It's a physically, mentally and spiritually hard environment to work in, as it is. So lets make sure that at least is our own choice.

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