• Adrian Villarreal

Flowers, purses and long beards.

Let's try and do something, please imaging that fine dining is kind of the same as a fashion show, a show where you only see the famous and influential people gathering, enjoying and appreciating it.

Maybe you'll realize that even though it's not for everyone, it still ends up affecting the common folk like you and me in some ways.

Why is this important?

I think that a good reason to care is because somehow the trends that are shown there (As eccentric as they may seem) mark a guideline to what the general population will wear, eat or do for the following season.

Incredible, but think about it, all the ladies that wear the same kind of purse and colors at a certain time and period, all those guys that wear long beards for no apparent reason ( mid summer and no lumber in sight) and all that people "eating flowers" at their favorite restaurant in the resent years.

Where is my role in this dynamic?

Well, on the other hand, remember that even at the top of the trend making ladder there's still a need to be inspired. And that inspiration comes very often from very non pretentious origins, like nature, day to day activities, the urban landscape, pop culture, and a lot of other free stuff that's at the grasp of whomever is open to perceive it and embrace it.

So as simple as you may feel right now, you might be the spark that inspires big changes in the world, becoming a part of the cycle ( if you want to call it that) just by the magic of being yourself.

Lets cultivate our sensitivity.

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