• Adrian Villarreal

The orphan chef

Sometimes you are lucky enough to be born into an ongoing family business related to your profession; other times you are very fortunate to be guided by a mentor that has already walked through the path you are looking to follow.

Other times you are not born into an ongoing family business, or become mentored by someone that has already walked that path. And you are sort of a profession orphan.

Kind of not knowing what to do or which way to go; what decision to make or if you're even going in the right direction.

Do you sometimes feel like this? like an orphan kid that goes from home to home not really belonging anywhere.

If you don't, that's awesome for you, you're one of the few who have already found their place somewhere in the professional world.

If you do feel like this though, you'll have to be patient. Maybe you'll find a place soon, somewhere where you'll be able to feel at home and your dreams will be nourished and encouraged.

Somebody ones said to me: "stick around in a place, at least 2 or 3 years. See if you like it, give it a chance".

Something else to consider is that maybe you're someone that will have to work on making it on their own.

I won't deny that if this is the case it's a little bit frustrating when you have a project that you wish would come true, and feel a little alone when you realize that you'll have to make it happen all by yourself and kind of against all possibilities.

Whatever your case is, I hope the best for you.

Live long and prosper my dear friend, thanks for reading.

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