• Adrian Villarreal

Roots of recovery ( An urban garden story)

After working for over two years in a corporate kitchen that takes care of the food necessities of an addiction recovery center (among other socially focused centers) ; I have continually ask myself, What am I doing here?

Maybe that is also the story of a few people (like you) who have what some may consider "great career training". And because of this, it gets you thinking on why somehow you are working in an apparently non related line of work, or in a type of place that doesn't necessarily represent what you where "trained" for.

You see, I think sometimes if we stick around long enough we'll see a positive impact of our efforts in the people around us; kind of a passive influence on others and vice versa. Which only shows itself if you sit down and appreciate the good things other people do, or in other words, actually noticing their projects.

Sometimes amazing things happen around us. In the case of this post, it comes in the form of a previously abandoned and empty lot behind the kitchen; that through effort, hard work ( both from workers and volunteers) and vision from inspired people (not me) became the foundation for an urban garden in a so called healthy food desert (National city , Ca.).

I think this is one of the reasons I need to be here for. This is all new knowledge, stuff that I wasn't previously trained for, and that I didn't even imagined as a possibility when I started working here.

Learning is a continuos and living process, it seems.

Are you involuntary learning something new today? Think about it.

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